E-commerce sales totaled to $446 billion in 2017, and the growth projection of online sales in 2022 will have peaked to a whopping $700 billion. This translates to a lot of buying and selling on the online space which is growing at a healthy, steady pace.

This is enough reason for wanting to start an online business. If you already have a brick and mortar, you might want to incorporate an online store that opens up a new revenue stream. Building an e-commerce website or an online store is one of the items that you would need to work on. Fortunately, there are numerous e-commerce website building platforms that you can opt to use.

Some of the factors that yo to need consideration when choosing an e-commerce platform that is pertinent to your business include the following:

  • Your business model
  • The scale of your online store
  • Expansion plans
  • Markets
  • Marketing plans

One of the heavyweights in the e-commerce website building space is BigCommerce. This e-commerce web-builder works for both start-ups as well established large enterprises.

What can you expect from BigCommerce e-commerce website building platform?

  • Design flexibility
  • Extremely scalable
  • Good user experience
  • Loads of built-in features
  • Brilliant SEO tools

What you can bank on when building your e-commerce website using BigCommerce is the fact that it is a specific e-commerce platform.

This means that everything about it is geared towards providing you with a robust online store that can support rapid growth or a large and growing inventory and sales without a glitch.

There is no way your business can outgrow this platform, and that is what you want to hear if you have grand plans for expansion even though you might be starting small. The growth rate of Big Commerce clients on online stores stands at 28 percent.

Easier store customization

The design interface can be somewhat unfriendly, but BigCommerce has recently introduced a new feature that helps smoothen things out and makes designing your interface much more straightforward.

‘Store design’ is the name of the visual merchandising tool that allows you to see the edits as you effect them. This makes store customization easier.

The terminology in BigCommerce does take some getting used to especially for beginners. But once you jump this hurdle, it is smooth sailing as everything else is relatively comprehensive. It is worth noting that users found BigCommerce 14 percent harder to use than Shopify.


A big plus for this platform is that it lets you choose a payment gateway without locking you into using their portal. In short, this platform does not charge transaction fees no matter what payment gateway you opt to use. With a little patience, this is an excellent option to build an e-commerce website especially if scalability is high on your expansion plan.