If your preference is a drag and drop comprehensive e-commerce web builder, then you are likely to enjoy working with Weebly. Weebly is one the most comfortable e-commerce platform with which to build a functional webstore. It has four pricing plans to choose from should you decide that it has the right features and tools to take your online business to the next level.

What features does Weebly have?

After assessing the online needs of your business, the next item is to settle for an e-commerce web builder that will deliver regarding performance but is also easy to build. Here is what you can get from Weebly.

Ease of use

Weebly has a drag and drop editor. So even if you are not a tech whiz, this aspect makes it easy for you during the building process and will also make the user interface easy to navigate for your users. Your users will find the navigation bar to be quite uncluttered which entices them to go deeper into your site and hopefully make a purchase.

Product Inventory

One of the distinct features of Weebly is that it allows you to create stand-alone pages for a given product. You have the option of inserting multiple images should you want to. The importance of clear and well-placed photos cannot be overstated in the selling process.

With Weebly, when a customer hovers the mouse over a product image the product intuitively zooms to allow thecanm have a better look which aids in their decision making. Weebly also allows your prospective customer to choose from a variation of the same product regarding color, type, and size. Using the Weebly editor, you can add multiple product variations from which your customers choose

Drop and Drag

Customers love to be provided with additional helpful information regarding a given product; the more they know, the more confident they feel about their buying decision.

Weebly puts you in the driver’s seat in making sure your customer has the information they need about a product. They do this through a drop and drag zone just below the product image. Here you can create more text, descriptions, slideshows, and videos.

Other helpful features to be found on Weebly include

  • Fully integrated shopping cart
  • You can opt to choose from three leading payment options, Stripe, PayPal, Square
  • Mobile ready
  • Filtered product search
  • You can import products from Shopify, Etsy or CSV file


Statistics show that two out of three buyers abandon cart for varied reasons. Over and above being easy to use, Weebly has an abandoned cart recovery feature that allows you to see all abandoned carts and send the respective links to the prospective customer via email in the hope that they might check out. This increases the chances of recovering those sales as opposed to leaving them to the wind.

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