If you intend on selling items such as physical products or service based digital ones such as software downloads, e-books, music, or any other non- physical products.

You will find that Squarespace e-commerce web builder is an option for building a functional website with stunning looks and features. One thing that is popular and unique about Squarespace is the fact that it offers everything in-house and does not rely on Apps for selling online.

This aspect saves you a considerable amount of a headache especially if you are dealing with technology-based merchandise. Squarespace also supports some third-party integration such as Mail Chimp, Zodoc, and Eventbrite.

Interestingly, one of the things that set this e-commerce platform apart is the check out process. Customers on Squarespace webstore can stay through the entire check out process. This gives legitimacy to the process which is crucial for consumer confidence. It also gives you better control in making check out experience better for your customers.

Variation control

Having full control over product variants is super important. Like Amazon, Squarespace allows you the ability for your customers to have variants of a product regarding size, color, design and so forth.

This gives your customers more choice and variation of a product when they want to make a decision.

Product Galore

With Squarespace, you do not have to worry about a limit on products you can display on your website. This is because there is no limit and this e-commerce platform can cater for all.

Versatile-add to cart

Over and above the normal function of an e-commerce cart, Squarespace allows you to customize the “add to cart” so that it reflects unique non-physical and nondigital products such as service delivery products like consultancy or coaching.

Other features that you can expect to see on Squarespace include;

  • Full integration with payment gateways such as Stripe, Apple Pay and Paypal
  • Auto Sales email confirmation system
  • Configurable sale taxes
  • Adjustable shipping options
  • Inventory management
  • Allows you to share your product through social media channels


Squarespace has amazing templates that will enable you to build a beautiful website that is fully e-commerce ready. Although its features and tools cannot compare to the supremacy of Shopify’s, it is a credible option for both startups and small to medium enterprises depending on your business model.